Mods and Modlets supported

All regular mods that go into the Mods Folder with or without “UIAtlases” & “Resources”. Mods that don’t contain .dll files. For example mods downloaded from Nexus.


Just upload a zip file containing a single mod archive in the Control Panel (Files & Mods).

We are currently accepting a zip archive with a single mod in it. If you you have e.g. a rar archive with 3 mods in it, what you need to do is to:

  1. Extract the rar file,
  2. Zip each of three mods individually in to a zip archive,
  3. Upload them one by one

Most of the mods don’t need changing the client, but there are some that do. Some mods which contains new 3d models, textures etc. require installation on client site. Read the docs for the mode carefully.

Mods not supported

Mods which contain .dll files and altering the core game distribution. This includes ModPacks which are not supported (see the link below) as well to mods like Botman or ServerTools which stand up their HTTP servers, allocate additional memory and are de facto a game distribution.


See ModPacks.