Nitrogen Map Generator


This is a random world generator. It will create customizable random worlds for 7DtD. Configure your own personal world. Damocles created NitroGen, a random world generation tool for 7 Days To Die. This tool allows users to customize their procedurally created worlds while also assisting in the generation of large worlds!


-type of landscape (currently included are Forests, Alpine Mountains, Canyon Desert, Rocky Hills)

-the number and size of cities and towns

-the general number of POIs and smaller settlements (Farms, trailerparks, old western towns, etc)

-4k, 8k, 16k (experimental) or custom dimension maps

-the player start positions (far away, close to towns or random)

-the number and position of traders (close to cities and towns, or far in the countryside)

-even import your selfmade hightmap (play on a realworld terrain or a cat picture)

-spawn together in Multiplayer, and spawn near a town if you want

-the number of traders

-[dedicated server, Ravenhearst, Darkness Falls]


For Alpha 19:

NitroGen v0.501 A19 (experimental) A19 experimental version


Some our maps